Essential Oils

Why Doterra?

These oils helped me when I had absolutely nothing else. I completely trust them as a brand and have witnessed some incredible results with these oils over many years.

 doTERRA’s team of medical advisors collaborates with prominent universities and medical communities to develop groundbreaking research on essential oils and their application. 

What oils are best for ADHD?


For my son we use DDR Prime, Vetiver, Balance and Peace oil. These are the oils we would not be without.  If he was still at school today I would most definitely include Intune (focus blend) 

What are the best oils for Anxiety?

In my experience the oils that I receive the most effective feedback from is Balance, Wild Orange, Cheer, Citrus Bliss and Serenity 

Read my blog on how essential oils help to ease feelings of anxiety.  These oils are NOT a cure, they are a coping mechanism, a natural way of helping to ease emotional over-whelm while you receive appropriate treatment